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Great pix!! How are you doing on your art room??

Hugs ~

Robin aka @thegothamgirl

Wonderful!!!! Congrats!

Gerda Pretorius

Wonderful! I am so glad they used your photo, because it created the opportunity for me to read your blog on the Romania trip in 2011.What a unique experience, especially if you consider the hard times the country had since then.It is a place I'll probably never visit, so is was lovely to get a glimpse of those old churches, the icons and the lifestyle of the people. Also enjoyed reading the comments. Precious memories!


How amazing that they found you in this big wide world! Congratulations on being published again!!

odile lm

Congratulations Cathy for being published in Spin Off magazine which seems to be specialized in yarn and wool and spinning... the picture you took back in 2011 is so perfect in many ways, striking composition with great lines, beautiful portrait of a woman whose life may be hard, wonderful capture of a craft which has almost disappeared, I'm not surprised that your photograph was selected by this magazine... This was the opportunity for me to follow the link and read your so interesting trip through Romania... I've learned so much through your wonderful pictures and details about life and customs of a country not so far from France but quite unknown for most French people... thank you Cathy and Donald for this wonderful trip I made with you...

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