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Gerda Pretorius

Cathy, it looks the "loops' from which their earrings are hanging are part of the ear lobe! My favourite is the one with the plaited hair and the round discs hanging from her ears (a visitor from Africa perhaps?)


These carvings, as well as the history, are amazing. I was very surprised about the women being so honored because I had thought the opposite would be the case.

Carol aka Traveller

when we were there we watched a very PC sanitized video about what life might have been like - not a bare breast in sight and yet the women so obviously played a very important part in the culture.

Robin aka @thegothamgirl

Greetings from Cambodia! These are all so beautiful!! We spent time at Angkor Wat last trip a couple of years ago...but yesterday we walked around Wat Bo in the city center. Loved it...and returning early morning later this week to catch the morning light! What a wonderful girls trip!

Sharmon Davidson

I'm endlessly fascinated by these graceful and gorgeous relief carvings; the only ones I have seen are in museums. thank you for sharing!

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