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Cathy, I almost cried for you when I read this. It's not that we don't have much for which to be grateful, but that doesn't mean that we don't have the need to be sad sometimes. I can understand how difficult this transition has been for you - and your Advent Calendar for yourself is a fabulous idea! Wish I had thought to do the same for myself - or even better that I could have helped to fill yours! I'm on the same page - trying to be kind to myself this season. Change is coming as I set goals and plans for next year, too. Hoping to meet you in person in 2016 now that you are home in VA.


I adore the idea of hiding little surprises for yourself!! I'm sorry the transition has been so rough for you. I hope some white Christmas will help ease the sting.


Hang in there, my friend ~

All manner of things will be well.

Your advent calendar is great ~ let those little surprises bring you gently back to the states.

Consider yourself hugged ~

amy of four corners design

your advent calendar is charming and I hope it provides the gentle reminders of your grand adventures...easing back into an unfamiliar life I'm sure is a challenge...maybe a little art therapy will help...all the best to you this season Cathy!

Robin aka Gotham Girl

I wish I had the right words...but I think only time will heal! And an occasional trip or two with hubby will help too!

Oh, Vietnam...you were so right on so many levels! Once I have a chance to digest...I hope you'll enjoy my updates! THANK YOU!

Robin aka Gotham Girl

Oh and p.s. LOVE the advent calendar with little reminders! So special!

odile lm

Hi Cathy!
I can't believe that 4 months have passed since you moved back to Virginia. I'm sad to read that it's difficult for you to re-adapt to your homeland... who would have guessed? but I understand easily your trouble because there's a gap between life in Asian countries and life in occidental America... everything is so different... climate and temperatures, food, smells, rythm of life, people, living more inside than outside... so many changes... as Robin says, time will heal for sure... and all these little gifts and souvenirs that you brought back from over there and put in each pocket of this lovely advent calendar will help too... every day when you open the little package a memory will spring from Vietnam or Indonesia or Thailand it's a little piece of all these so exotic countries which will be with you for the day... Wishing you a lovely Christmas time to you and your husband!


Such a cute and sweet idea is this advent calendar. Love it and with all those individual little-wrapped presents. I am sorry you are having a hard time adjusting to the new surroundings. Happy Holidays Cathy.

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