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amy of four corners design

actually it must be kinda nice to start over from scratch...the view out your window is great - enjoy that!


Love that view! And remember ~ you don't have to do it all at once...

Hugs ~

Robin aka @thegothamgirl

Love getting a look at your art room/studio! And WOW...all those stamps. Now you'll have to do a future posting on what you use all of them for! I have a few stamps, but really clueless on how to apply to an art project. I can only imagine how overwhelming it is to get settled back in after eight years! More please! :)


Hi Cathy, I've enjoyed this evening, when I can't get to sleep, catching up on your blog posts. Your view is beautiful! Mostly, I just want to see the rest of that stamp collection! I know this is a big adjustment, but you will bring your artful self wherever you go, and before you know it, you'll be exploring your own community with the eyes of a tourist and soaking up inspiration. Make some more of the beautiful collages! Don't know which is worse - unpacking the 222+ boxes or raking up the millions of leaves in our yard! Hope to see you in person in the coming months!


Your new room is looking wonderful and so happy you treated yourself to the extra window!


I just found your blog from Donna's blog and since I was born and raised in VA. I had to post here. You like Donna have a beautiful way with words. I love your display of stamps, I have picked up a rubber stamp in so many years and I bet I could beat you in my collection. I just can't seem to ger rid of them and who would want to buy my collection. I keep saying I will get back to them when I can no longer hold my camera My husband did a ton of travel also overseas and while I never went with him on trips that is something I also have in common with you. Congrats on being back in the states even though I am sure it is hard being without your husband.

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