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I never would have guessed! Imagine what it must have looked like to have hundreds of those all wrapped with ribbon!

odile lm

Hi Cathy!
It's been a while since I didn't comment any of your posts... I've seen that you visited a few more cities before moving back home... I've seen your pictures of Seoul and Beijing... Fantastic views of modern cities from your windows...
I guess you're packing your last things and I can imagine how sad you are to leave such an idylic place and the very good friends you made there...
Thank you so much for your kind words about my comment on Donna's blog... You're a very nice person... and Donna's posts are always so interesting...
Oh... and I love your little china dolls today... I would have thought they were older too... that's a perfect idea to use them as chopsticks holders... nobody will have the same!
I guess all the beautiful asian objects and fabrics and crafted items you could find on markets and in old-looking shops will miss you...
My best wishes for your new settling and easy adaptation.

Robin aka gotham girl

These are so VERY cool!!!!! So fun and I'm sure you'll find lots of uses for them!

amy of four corners design

these are so precious...and will re-kindle fond memories for you...and I love that you will use them as chopstick rests - perfect!


Cathy, Honestly, your blog is one place I visit that always surprises me! I feel like a little girl at school on show-n-tell day! These little Asian ladies are exquisite - so perfectly imperfect. I would have been like you - buying them and asking about them after the fact - because they are just too beautiful to pass up! I love your creative idea to use them as chopstick holders . . . and I would have bought the ribbon just to have one of these lovely holders! So glad you didn't pass on these treasures.

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