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Donna Hoefle

Pineapple guava to folks in Texas!



You encounter the most interesting things! No, I have never seen them here but that's not to say I thought they were limes and walked right past them.

amy of four corners design

have never seen nor heard of them...I'll have to keep a lookout for you - thanks for the info and the great pics! And I love chicken curry so your recipe sounds divine...


Sounds intriguing! I've not seen them, but then I don't do the grocery shopping around here ~

Karen Olson

I have not seen the likes of such a thing, but now I will be on the look out. Sounds delish!


Well if there are any in the States, they're not anywhere to be found in my neck of the woods. They sound delectable, though. I can imagine one wouldn't eat the skin, it looks thick and tough. But the inside is beautiful. Thanks for telling us about it.


This is a great blog thankyou Cathy!
If people would like to know more about Zeijoas please follow us on facebook.


Kind regards from all the team here at Zeijoa :)


We call them feijoa in New Zealand. They are very popular and mostly people grow them in their own gardens. They are a regular in family recipe books. Zeijoa is a brand name I guess - I had never heard of it before leaving nZ

Stephanie Fallows

I have trees of feijoa in my garden in Te Puke, NZ. They are delicious fresh or baked like an apple crumble. I believe they don't have a long shelf like for export

Robin aka Gotham Girl

How interesting! Thanks for educating us!

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