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Pieni Lintu

These are all so pretty!


Cathy, Your post today is so much fun for me! I just made a big haul to donate to Goodwill and have vowed, once again, to stop buying and collecting so much stuff. So your post has let me shop vicariously. I can ooh and aah over your beautiful finds . . . truly each one is a treasure and I'm sure it gives you joy to wear them and remember your adventures!

Robin aka gotham girl

oh my...i really try to limit my travel purchases...BUT i love finding unique clothes that you just can't find in the u.s. These are fabulous finds!!!


Lovely finds and Amy would know what to do with that for sure.


The bling-bling necklace is PERFECT with that dress and you know I adore the rhinestones. You always find the most interesting stuff!


Fabulous finds!

So it is back to the quotidian states for you guys... You are going to go through withdrawl!

amy of four corners design

oh Cathy! I was salivating over the rhinestone and aged metal piece at the beginning and wondering what was the piece underneath...and then I see your comment at the end! it looks like its an old door key set - very cool - I'd probably just admire it as a found object...though I could see mounting it to a piece of wood, finding an old door knob to insert into the square opening and having a cool hook for hanging a jacket or a robe...
and if you're moving back to the states in August, why can't you come to ArtPartyPortland in October???!

Karen Olson

Can't wait to see your finds from Bangkok! It was neat looking at your treasures today.


These are truly gorgeous finds - each and every one of them so beautiful.

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