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Marilyn Gallas

These are so beautiful. I had to laugh seeing your feet standing on the stool. Oh, the positions we get in to get that perfect shot. I love the shot with the mirror reflection too.

Vivien Halliwell

Those are absolutely wonderful, so many colours and your style of arranging them is perfect..


They are adorable! I really like your idea of framing them horizontally ~ how about in a shadow box type of thing?
Each one is a little work of art in it's own right ~

amy of four corners design

I not only love all of the photos you took...but I love the fact that you could see the potential here for art!


Oh, I like these! What fun you'll have.


Wonderful lids. What a find. I like them as lids without the pots. I especially like the photo with the mirror nd the mirror and your feet, Nicely done.


Bravo to you for seeing the potential. These are great!

Lissa Mayer

I absolutely love these images! How clever, to see the potential in all these mis-matched teapot lids, the beauty in simple design and texture and color.


Cathy, I almost missed this post - and I'm so glad I didn't! I love these little tea pot lids! Every version of your photograph has it's own positives - but all share my favorite elements - simple, clean, geometric, and beautifully arranged with focus and depth. So very artful! You bought 11 of these little teapot lids - I would have been right by your side buying them, too!

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