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What a delightful story! I have heard and read of such stories before; animals traveling great distances to get back home to their owners. Smudge, what a perfect name! Thank you for giving my day a delightful start.


Poor Smudge. I am glad she will keep him, which makes him Lucky smudge. My neighbor has a cat named smudge too with a very similar smudge on his nose.

Cheryl M

Lovely story and images.......so sweet. And one story with a happy ending! I bet the black mark on his face is the reason for his oh-so-fitting name...Smudge....love it!


Smudge knew where he wanted to be! Lovely story. Smudge is such a great name for him.


What sweet shots!!!


Smart cat!! Why work for a living if you don't have to!!!


What a beautiful story!


What a great story!
BTW, let her know there is an alternative to de-clawing. The vet can put on little caps that cover the claws so they can't scratch things. A friend of mine went that route.


What a great story, obviously Smudge liked your cousin's house better.

Susan W

What an amazing story and a very pretty cat.

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