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a spirit of simplicity

oh how beautiful! I love pottery.


Oh, Cathy, I'm so excited about your post today! I love pottery - made by hand, functional, beautiful, artful. Does it get any better? How very interesting to read about the Dragon Kiln - and wonderful that this last one is being preserved for it's historical significance. I learn so much here - from you and your travels. I've always wanted to take pottery making classes - but in the meantime, I'll keep supporting local potters. Did you buy anything for yourself? I hope so!

Susan W

What a great tour you've taken us on. I'm ashamed to admit I've never heard of Dragon Kilns before but they do look quite amazing.


i have also never heard of Dragon Kilns before but agree they do look quite good.


Fascinating!!! How cool that you got to walk through it, too.


Wow, I had no idea it would be so huge inside! Will you be taking a pottery class?

amy of four corners design

my word! what a production! what a special tour for you - thanks so much for sharing it with us!


Beautiful. Thanks for the tour. When I was growing up in Los Angeles, we had a large kiln in our backyard. It was made of brick and nautral gas fired. It was almost a cube, about 8 feet x 8 feet x 8 feet. My father owned a decorative tile shop. He used our backyard kiln for testing different tiles and glazes. He ground pigments and mixed his own glazes. Some beautful work. I still have a set of tile for a table top and a large glazed vase (about 3 feet tall) that were made in the shop.

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