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Pretty as she is I would not want to run into her in the forest.


Cathy, You always manage to surprise me! I have never seen any bird quite like this one! I couldn't help but laugh as this bird clearly seems to be posing for you! Fascinating, but I don't want a bird that can run 30mph chasing me!


The colors are beautiful. The bird is a little creepy. You said they are extinct, do you mean in the wild or is this the very last one?? So sad for something so beautiful to be gone!


Such a peculiar-looking bird! :) It reminds me of the one in the animated movie "Up", LOL!


Great pix ~ especially the one with her friend. So pre-historic looking!!

Carol Hart

Wow, such an amazing bird! Incredible color and expressive face! Great share!

amy of four corners design

incredible! I have heard of cassowaries but never got a good look at one - thanks!

Helena Heart

Lovely photos, Beautiful bird, such bright colours :) I am always amazed at the creativity of nature :)


We were lucky enough to see a wild cassowary, crossing the road and ducking into the bush, in the Daintree a couple of years ago. Striking looking birds, great pics!

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