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I've been thinking about fall decorating, but it is hard to do when it is still 85+ degrees out!! We're heading in to cooler temperatures this weekend, if that lasts for more than a few days...

Marilyn Gallas

Your images certainly bring fall to mind even if you don't actually "feel" it. The cupcakes were a fun idea. Nice texture on that image.


I would miss the change of seasons, too! Do the trees know to loose their leaves or do those kinds of trees not even grow there?


Wonderful. What a beautiful butterfly! Your Fall decorations are are superb. Love you card. Sorry . . . I took a bite out of your cupcake.



I do miss the change of seasons here in Scotland, where it rains for (more or less) 11 months every year and NOT just for a brief period, but for days and week at the time. ;) I really like the fall card you created for art day. :)

Gerda Pretorius

We are back in South Africa, so it is spring again. I also like your card and the very interesting things in your entrance display.

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