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I have tried coffee plus tea in London a few year back. Yep, there was milk (condensed, not sure) and I don't like milk (I am lactose intolerant), so I cannot say I liked the drink.
The coffee, avocado, chocolate syrup and ice cream sounds so strange, but I'd give it a try, sure! I never say no to a new food experience. :D

amy of four corners design

odd combinations that don't sound like they would work...but enjoy!


The coffee tea sounds interesting, and I may try it to see what it is like. The coffee, avocado and ice cream might be tasty too...like a smoothie?


Interesting combinations.

Carola Bartz

I haven't tried either - it sounds interesting, but not necessarily like something I would go crazy about. But then I haven't tried it and I might change my mind.


I would never think of mixing avocado with either chocolate OR coffee but sounds interesting and would certainly try it if I had the opportunity.

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