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I'm not even sure what to say about this one since I love it and hate it just about equally - LOL!! As always, I admire the way you seek out the culture everywhere you go and share it with us on your blog. I am sure you must be correct that the "private club" aspect is what gets it around the health regulations.

Carol aka traveller

what an amazing place, I would have loved to have visited it. You always find such neat places!

bobbie h

I am equal parts delighted (the cat lover part of me)and disgusted (the nurse in me)!!
But it did make me smile!!


I can truthfully say this is the most unusual blog post I've read in quite a while! As always, I am impressed by your open spirit and willingness to embrace the culture of wherever you are. I am not a cat lover, but I do appreciate the joy that animals bring to this world -and these pictures are proof positive of that joy! You should publish this as a photo essay!


You will have to visit the cat cafe in Singapore now. There's a dog petting cafe here too, not for people to take their dog,although they have cafes like that here too, but a cafe with dogs as 'residents'. There's also at least one cat cafe in Tokyo, one in London (on the fringe of the financial district no less) and one in Melbourne....I wonder how many more there are around the world....love your blog by the way, Ive been reading quietly for a while now.


Ive just googled and there are several cat cafes in the United States though sadly not one in NZ yet, where I come from.

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