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Mm interesting. They look more like they should come from the sea you are brave !

Curtains in my Tree


I found you through Kathy's blog kluless

I might have tried a durian until you said the price !! wow I would think $2-3 , guess things are expensive in that area or is it all over
loved the pictures
and your swap items your sent Kathy are wonderful

Janice Dauksch


Taste it? I've never even heard of it! But what a fascinating story about it. I'd definitely have to let the vendor choose and cut it for me.

amy of four corners design

interesting - have heard of durian - and heard it was not a desirable thing to eat - obviously from someone who did not like it!
And guess what I got in the mail today! I love it! and all the extra papers too...thank you so much - I'll have to do a blog post about it soon...so great to get art in the mail!

bettyl - NZ

That sounds like quite an unusual fruit. Thanks for the post.


I would LOVE to taste it, even though I don't like fruit. It sounds like it it is not a typical fruit and I am always curious!


Quite the wide range of ideas of what it tastes like.

Lisa @ FSL

What an interesting post. I have heard it is a love hate food. I'm not sure I could get past the texture, since I am not a huge fan of pudding or jello.


Great photos and story. Thanks again for a wonderful experience through your lens, eyes, and story. I can't seem to find any of them at my local Bakers market in Bellevue, Nebraska. I wonder why.

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