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Fascinating! love how your texturing turned out. perfect!

Pieni Lintu

Looks so cool!


Cathy, Okay, I feel as though I need to erect a penjor in my front yard. Art that celebrates and give thanks and provides a reason to share an offering - how wonderful when creativity and compassion meet. I have never used the Difference blend mode, but wow, that first photo looks exactly like a cut-out. Just gorgeous!

Gerda Pretorius

Never heard of a penjor before. I also think they're lovely.

amy of four corners design

always learning something new here...always with such a beautiful image to back up the knowledge gained...

bobbie h

LOVE how the picture turned out! The intricacies really stand out against the neutral background ~ great job!


That first picture amazes me! And what an unusual subject . . .

Carol aka Traveller

love, love, love the way your photo turned out. Now I know what those are called, I was fascinated by them too and took lots of photos of them.


What a beautiful tradition!
I love that papercut effect. Very creative image.


This is beautiful, Cathy. The photos, the message of good prevailing. I think we could all use more of that. Thanks for sharing.

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