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My present favorite colors are determined by my favorite fabric: Shweshwe, a Three Cats branded original fabric made in South Africa by DaGama Textiles (www.dagama.co.za). Tradionally printed in browns and indigo, we can also now get it in reds, orange, pink, violet and green (a wonderful mix of pattern and color).

I use it to do applique with simple blanket stitch, patchwork, and sewing tradional South African dresses. Apart from that I do dress design, teach sewing, I crochet, paint (canvasses, fabric, walls, furniture) and love interior decorating (curtains, cushions, loose covers, anything you can sew!)

sona nast

your studio is a dream!!!! I thought I was organized but you put me to shame. My studio (when it was new and before tons of stuff later) is in Cloth Paper Scissors Winter 2011 if you get that magazine. I got it online from Zinio. My favorite colors are orangy-reds and turquoise/aquas! I do art quilting/fiber art, fused glass, jewelry and am currently obsessed with collage since I am taking an ongoing collage class. In this class we mostly make our own papers with Gelli plate monoprinting, stamping, stencils, paint, etc. sooooo much fun. If you lived in Austin, TX we would be art buddies and I'd drag you to this class because you would LOVE it. Sona

Carol aka traveller

what a wonderful treasure-filled studio you've got. I didn't participate this year as nothing has changed in my studio and I haven't got any new treasures to display in it - maybe next year.
My favourite colours are those of the semi precious stone fluorite (greens and purple). I still make collages but am tending to create more and more digital stuff so I love old paper ephemera that I can scan for backgrounds, as well as old photos and postcards - love your postcards, by the way

Elizabeth Johnson

Yes, my studio is usually a mess too! I'm pretty sure it is impossible to be creative and tidy at the same time!
Your stamps are fascinating. Thank you for sharing them. And thank you for stopping by my studio this morning. It was lovely to have you. : )

Beth P

What a cute studio! And you already know how I drool over all of your goodies you have in your stash! I'm not in the blog hop this year as my studio is still in a complete state of disrepair since my shift over from mixed media to my all things wooly, lol! Right now the only things I have left to work with in my studio aside from wool, is my acrylic paints, watercolors, jewelry making supplies which of course included lots and lots of beads, especially my favorite Swarovski crystals and rivolis! :D
Hugs and have a fabulous weekend my friend,
Beth P


Your studio photos always make me wish I had artistic talent! :-)


Okay, we're friends so I can just say it - that last pictures looks like the most fun!!! 8+)
Great post. I liked the way you told where each unusual item is from. I adore that beaded lace trim. I have never seen anything like it and it was interesting to learn about the joss paper. I didn't even know that paper had a name. You are always educating me and that is one of my favorite things about your blog.
Well done!!


Hi Cathy,
Amazing pictures, your studio looks fantastic...love the last image...my studio looks like that many a day!!!!! Love your blog.


I love the very last photo!! It reminds me of my own space. Very jealous of all your travels and collections - what treasures you have. Thanks for sharing xx Michelle


Hello Cathy!

lovely to meet you here in the blogosphere. May I just say your collection of stamps and beads is very impressive :) I checked out your studio tour from last year and I'm loving how big it is - plus the bright pops of pink everywhere!
In answer to your question: I bought my boxes in the Netherlands...I currently live in Germany. Your Asian themed items take me back to when I lived in Singapore/Hong Kong/Indonesia in the 80s :) Beautiful!

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