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The stamping thing is fascinating. I am thinking that ink might not cling to it well enough but what about paint? As long as you immediately plunged it into a bucket of water I bet the paint would wash right off. Might be fun to try spray ink from the back side, too.
I understand what you mean about the ideas and then not getting around to the actual making. I have a hard time with that as well. And sometimes I think about it WAY too long and made it so complicated that there is no way it can ever live up to my imagination. For me, I always think the trick would be to have the luxury of dropping what I am doing and acting on the idea while it is still fresh.

Beth P

I too am intrigued by the batik cap! I am absolutely drooling over the jewelry bits and bobs! Hmmm, no other word comes to mind better than the "D" (discipline) word! Alas, I have none of my own so I am only speaking from what I hear from others! lol! I fear you have loads of company in the lack of the "D" word!
Beth P

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Thank you for sharing this post and your experiences. It seems like you really love living abroad. I am moving to Europe from the U.S. in the summer for a job that I plan on taking. I am really excited and a little bit nervous, however I know it will be a great experience.

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