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Am I too late? Helena

Robbin Warner

How could I resist. I LOVE your cards. I save them and use them as bookmarks.


I have just added your blog to my Grow Your Blog party per your request on my June posting. I will look forward to your special posting on the 19th. Latest updates are on my blog - one post back - please do refer to them. I will see you at the party!


ps - I dont see a follower gadget or anyway for someone to sign up to be your follower -- on your blog. You will definately want to add something for your readers before the party or they wont have anyplace to sign up. xoxo


What a fun idea - like a secret friend! I always look forward to seeing your creations, although I find it hard to imagine where you find the time. Have glue stick, will travel - LOL!

angela eharis

i am too late but i think i will pay it forward also! aloha, angi in hana


Cathy - just got your email -- and am doing the happy dance! Yea!!! Your blog is so beautiful and you are blessed to have such great opportunities to travel. Your photos make me want to be there NOW!!

I hope you are enjoying the blogging party and are making lots of new friends!

Thanks for your generosity --- I am SO excited!


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