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Robbin Warner

Thanks for sharing Cathy. Looks like you have already nested. Home sweet home in Singapore


Wish I was sending you a date to expect me, I would love to see all the sights! Thank you for sharing. It looks beautiful and comfortable and I think you are home for a while.


Wow, what a beautiful apartment. You and D have done a lot in four months. Enjoy!

karen burns

WOW, it all looks so spacious and wonderfully CLEAN!!! So very organized and sleek and beautiful!

So glad you are feeling settled. Now go out and buy a bathing suit - hahahhaa. I need one this year, too :-(


Ann and Ed Ladd


Thanks for the tour of your apartment! Of course I loved the lush greens outside the apartment. The entire apartment is so beautifully decorated. The artistic curtains you made were great along with your selection of fabric for the Master Bedroom curtains. I also liked that bright pink border in your Art Room--really made a statement! You so quickly made the apartment into a very pleasing environment for the two of you and your guests. If we were travelers we'd accept your invitation but thanks for the invite.

Looking forward to seeing you when you visit in June(think that's the right month). Hope the family can get together for a Falcons Landing Dinner.

kathy @ katalina jewelry

Love your apartment and furnishings, Cathy! Thanks for the tour!


Thank you for showing us around! Love the elephants :) Everything of course looks amazing!!!


Thank you for the great tour ~ it is a wonderful apartment!!
Those marble floors must be bliss in the tropical climate!
I wish to heck I COULD come out for a visit!!

Carol aka traveller

thanks for the tour, most enjoyable. I really like the pink curtains with the birds and flowers. Looks like you're pretty much settled in now.

Kate Morgan

From the living room to the fun graphic curtains you crafted, everything looks elegant, especially the bathroom! A space full of bags is common in apartments, more so if you just moved into your new apartment. You’ll eventually be able to fix those up and fit your stuff in your closets. For now, take the time to enjoy the new place!

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