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This is really neat. I've never seem one before!


That's one of the most unusual fruits I have ever seen before. I learned something new from you today - thank you!


Nice photos, I like this excellent frame with magnificent light, color and texture. A lovely fruit. It really is the first time I see a mangosteen.


Great post! I just got back from a trip to Thailand where I ate mangosteens for the first time... they were hard to open, but once I figured it out, it was worth the effort. I hope you are settling into life in Singapore... what an exciting adventure!


Wonderful !!!!
aenee/Lily over from Kim's


first i've seen of this fruit, and it sounds tasty. i'll have to check around so i can try it. Kim's texture looks nice on the first picture.

Kia and Zeno

What a cool fruit! :)
Beautiful colors and edit.

Kathy @ Katalina Jewelry

Wow, that's an interesting fruit! I had to giggle when I read the part about dying a tag or fabric...spoken like a true artist!

Account Deleted

I am surfing in the net and found your blog so interesting..I am looking forwards for more updates.More Power! about tropical fruits

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