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karen burns

Junk? No no no no, treasures!!!


Wikipedia: Ex Libris is a Latin phrase, meaning literally, "from the books". It is often used to indicate ownership of a book, as in "from the books of..." or from the library of...


I am speachless. I don't even know how I would pick a favorite. I love every single thing! I can't even think of some words to write. I'm going to go look again...


Okay, I'm torn between the oval label and the postcards for a favorite. I especially like the postcards that have the stamp on the front. They are little collage artworks already! Isn't it funny to find something vintage and it looks so much like the things we are trying to make today.

Linda Branch

I too love it ALL!!!

A hint about musty books. If the book had been REALLY important to you, you might find leaving it out in the sunshine, a page a day, (time-consuming so that's why I added the qualifier) will remove the smell. I just did that with 2 very large old books and it worked.

katalina jewelry

Love all these finds!


OH my gosh, I love, love, love those identification cards!


I love all those divine antique images. Those post cards are wonderful!

Susie Land

More beautiful goodies! Do you use them as is or scan them and print off copies to save the originals?
Or would that be some sort of 'art' cheating, using copies?
See how much I know about using treasures in art?

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