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Very cool! The two pictures combined look fabulous!


What a concoction.
A poster in its own right.
Very clear recipe as well.


fantastically layered!! i´m in awe!


Oh I love Paris and this movie. You're textures work well and any type of recipe making always works better with a glass of wine in hand!(Says she sipping a chardonnay)


I'm sure Marie would approve. Well done!


so cool... so beautifully done. Love it.

Kathy Jones

Well I don't think it's cheating...it's Art! I love it and that movie too. What a great angle of the Eiffel Tower. You did a fab job on the collage and the use of the textures. Thanks for sharing your formula.

Bright blessings,

Cathy Mendola

Great job of editing! Isn't it amazing how we stop at 99% or at 54% or some odd number thinking that is 'just right'. Obviously it is! Your creation is beautiful.


Fantastic creation, love it. Thank you for sharing how you arrive with it. I don't think its cheating at all when you use something in such a combination that it is unrecognizable as when it was standing alone.

Linda Makiej

you did a beautiful job here!!!!

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