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bobbie h

LOL ~ I found nothing as exciting as a black chicken ~ that's for sure!! :)

Still looking for my lost mind...

Carol aka Traveller

Silkie chickens are beautiful creatures but I had no idea you could eat them. Not sure about the soup ... but as long as D survived the experience that's what counts!


I did not even know such a creature existed. I think I might like it better as a pet than a soup.


I used to keep Silkies but never tried eating them! They were such small birds!

Pieni Lintu

No, I have not seen one or taste it. :)


Your Friday Finds are always so interesting. I had never heard of a black chicken before and I don't think I'd ever want to eat one. Thank you for always sharing such great information.


I am not sure about the black chicken, just seems wrong some how, but I would try it because I am adventurous.


i had no idea....... and you are such adventurers... I'm not sure I would be so brave.......

happy weekend Cathy.... thanks for sharing with FF.


Gerda Pretorius

That second last picture made me loose my appetite completely. Love your double boiler pot.

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