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Haha! I love it! I guess you should be thankful you didn't get an empty jar that just smelled good:) Hmmmm, I think I could fit that and some Speculoos cookies in a suit case.

Margie O'Hara

Sweet Valentine story and delicious find.


bwahahah...who took the two big spoonfuls!? :) That was funny! I go crazy for Nutella...and this stuff here looks to be good too! Speculoo away today....Happy Valentines Day...and thanks for sharing!

Vivien Halliwell

Lolololo.... I bet it smells gorgeous..


Yay!!! I'm so happy we found that place!! And that you found your "Nieuw" Speculoos! Now the question is... "Who took the 2 tablespoons that was missing?? I certainly hope it was the one who "s'posely" gifted it to you. ;-) Otherwise, that's just be plain gross. Enjoy!!

kissed by an angel

Your post made me smile so much! Enjoy your sweet find :)
Happy Valentines Day!


oh this is such a fun story...... :) and YUM.

Made me smile....

thanks for sharing with FF. Happy Valentines... xx


LOL!!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you, sweet friend! Do they celebrate Valtentine's Day in Singapore? I know it isn't exclusively an American holiday so thought maybe?


What a perfect Valentine's gift, so fun to get - I buy this at Trader Joe's and eat right from the jar with a spoon! Love it, and the cookies too! Happy Valentine's day!

Jean Chaney

Finding foods that remind you of someplace/someone in the past is just the best. Enjoy every spoonful that is left :)

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