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Oh glorious what treasures ...

Pieni lintu

Those colors look so lovely and so deep!!! I really want a little bird stamp!!


Fabulous images. Wonderful treasures you have found. Love your wooden stamps.


ahhhh! What wonderful treasures you came across and were lucky enough to get!
Tell me....with all your travels, is it difficult to gather your treasures and move everywhere and then get settled enough to be creative? I'm dreading just moving to the next town over with my studio spilling over with creative bits N' pieces I had to add over the years.


Really wonderful finds! I especially love the wooden block stamps. Enjoy all your great things!!


Oh my gosh, I love your finds, especially that dye. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Carol aka Traveller

wonderful treasures. You're even more of a magpie than I am!

Jean Chaney

What wonderful finds and perfect keepsakes. I just love those stamps. Lucky you!


Fantastic finds. What a wonderful piece of hill tribe fabric. In addition to my just seeing the world through your eyes and camera, I am also learning more about the world around me. Seeing your red bindi got me interested in them. Here is a little of what I learned. The red bindi has multiple meanings which are all valid at the same time. By one simple interpretation it is a cosmetic mark used to enhance beauty. Red represents honor, love and prosperity, hence it was worn traditionally by women to symbolize this. You don't need to use it to enhance beauty. You are beautiful with or without the red bindi. So yours must be for the love of the things you do and your love of life.


Such a beautiful collection of treasures from your Nepal trip.
I love the group of little stamps - so beautifully carved.
I've got a large one with a handle that I picked up in a thrift shop here.
That jewellery is so cheap - all their hard work....
The powdered dyes are fantastic, they will be amazing to work with.
It must be cold as you're all rugged up!

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