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Janet Greer

Cathy, thank you for visiting my little studio. I enjoyed my tour of your studio and will be back for sure to see more. I love your Asian treasures and I hope you will enter me in your giveaway. I would love to win. I am a painter and also dabble in jewelry making since I paint on porcelain. Your studio looks so organized in the pictures (until I got to the bottom pic). Yes, whenever we actually have to work in there, it can get pretty messy. Have great day and happy blogging!

Encre et Couleurs - Hélène

Bonjour Cathy,

Not only your studio is beautiful and well organized but it is also full of treasuries. I like very much your collection fo suitcases and the information about papers and envelopes.
And yes, sometimes my tiny creative place is a mess.
Thank you very much for visiting me.



Thanks for showing what the studio can look like too...and mine does LOL. I sent you an email and am still snooping around here. Currently I am a paper crafter, however, I do a lot of different things and am exploring more and more altered art and mixed media. I have always sewn, so I love love all your intricate embroidered pieces. My Magpie eye fairly feasts on the antique buttons and bling too. Okay, time to wipe the drool off my chin and carry on....but, I will be back to see you. Keep smiling and creating


Cathy, your textiles and findings are so special. What an experience to live in Singapore and travel that part of the world. I loved seeing your studio space, too. As for me, I dabble in anything I feel like, however, mostly sewing (human and 16" doll clothes) and I love making shadow boxes. My favorite color is periwinkle purple/blue. Thanks so much for sharing your exotic space! :-)


Wow you are showing so many wonderful things, a fantastic studio, some really wonderful stamps, oh I would love to play with them and some wonderful art pieces, thanks for visit and sweet comment on my blog.


love the bright colours and organisation....your fabric pieces are gorgeous...you've certainly burnt up the miles with your travels...


I remember your room from last year! And mine's currently a mess. I think it's time to go through and clean out stuff that I'm not using. I didn't sign up for this year, and yet here I am going through everyone's blogs. I love Asian themed stuff and one of these days plan to make my own thangka (Indian) .... purple has been my favorite color forever but in the last year I am growing to like orange and red which is on the opposite side of the color wheel, go figure! Right now I'm doing mixed media painting, and art journaling.


What a fantastic studio you have! It's fun seeing the different types of textiles and papers, which are all just beautiful! I think the last photo is what most of our studios look like after a project!


Hello Cathy - lovely to meet you here in your studio.
Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful treasures from Asia. I have a very soft place in my heart for old vintage pieces from places like India and Afghanistan and have a few which I collected in the '70s. Your pieces are so beautiful and being a fabric and fibre artist I can really appreciate these along with your beautiful pearls and coins.
I loved your collage pieces also.
Count me in please to win something from your studio and please come and enter yourself in my Giveaway too at my WBC
PS Did I say I loved that old book from Vietnam!


Wow! I remember your studio from last year and you sure have added so much! Your artwork is stunning and I am a big fan. I love all the color in your space and all of your treasures from your travels are incredible! Thanks for sharing your space again! Take care.

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